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Let's get it right.

Learn how to find a brilliant idea and stand out as a go-to leader with this free guide. Just tell me where to send it.

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You have a big, bold vision for your work and life.

But having a killer resume, job title, or online presence isn't enough. Too many brilliant ideas get lost in our content-littered world. 

You need to stand out.

There is one sure-fire way to grow your visibility, build trust, and open countless doors. It's speaking.

You don't have to be an extrovert or stand in front of a crowd to master this must-have skill. After all, we all talk. But if you want to be heard, you need to know how to communicate your vision confidently.

Online. Onstage. In the boardroom. One on one. When you nail your message (including those non-verbal essentials), you'll find that sweet spot that makes people stop, listen, and take action.

Your big win is waiting — let's find it.

Hey, I'm Robin (she/her) and I'm passionate about helping leaders like you turn up their visibility to become trusted experts.

As a public speaking coach, TEDx speaker, and copywriter, I use my skills as a certified movement analyst, communication expert, and marketer to transform your ideas and expertise into a brilliant message that people can't ignore.

Get ready to inspire others, make a difference, and get paid to be you. 

It's time to step out from the shadows and move confidently toward your dreams. Even if you're virtually unknown, with the right know-how, you can become a trusted authority. 

Learn how we can work together so you can get there faster.

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What My Clients Say

"A fearless encourager with lots of great tips!"

"Robin operates with the perfect blend of honesty and kindness. Working with her stretched my confidence. She is organized and supportive and gives priceless feedback. If you're considering working with her, do it!"

"So glad Robin crossed my path!"

"I was always scared to put myself out there and promote my work. Working with Robin improved my confidence and communication. I loved seeing my message develop into something inspiring."

"Get ready to grow as a speaker and a writer."

"I gained so much from Robin's teaching, coaching, and mentoring. She has the unique ability to push you beyond any self-imposed limitations and does it in a nurturing, professional, and caring way."

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    Learn how to find an idea worth sharing to build trust, authority, and eager fans. Just tell me where to send it.

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